Joe and Dan

When planning our wedding, we imagined a day that was memorable, unique, comfortable, stress free and filled with the love of friends and family. Santarella is the place that delivered all of our dreams into one weekend. The pricing was reasonable and freedom to build our itinerary made it our customized day. Santarella allowed us to build our dream day and was more than we imagined. Heavy anticipation and slight nerves driving up to Santarella and by Sunday, we stepped out of our dream to start our lives together.

Our close family arrived the night before so everyone could meet and relax before the big day. The night before found us snuggled in the privacy of the silo and sounds of the bubbling brook over the cool night air bringing us closer together. Our guests arrived the following day, stepping into our dream. The harp player greeted everyone, followed by the ceremony along side the pond as butterflies released with our kiss. The grounds gave countless options for the photographer who grabbed as many memories as she could for us. Then the food and wine brought the celebration to life with live irish music, a caricature artist and fortune teller to WOW our guests.

So energized with our outdoor celebration, our guests filed in in the gingerbread hall to continue the festivities. There was an incredible dinner and toasts to bring out the personality of our closest friends. After some dancing with spirits, there was cake and cupcakes. Our guests took advantage of the bed and breakfasts close by makeing the weekend an inclusive experience for all who attended.

The location was free of stress and accommodated our every wish. We are so fortunate to have found Santarella, where our dream day came alive!

Attached are a few pictures of Santarella on our day.

Joe & Dan